Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First "random stuff" post in a while....

And what better way to do it, then to fill it up with fun "weather network photos" !

White-winged Dove in NL !! :

--- do I get any credit for finding ;) ??

Big Vulture:

Hummingbird sp:

Albino Blue Jay:

Harrier in a pool ??

I break for godwits:

Freakin Peregrines:

Unhappy dragonfly:


I sort of missed out on responding to some of the last OBRC-related posts, so I'll write up some responses and make a new post sometime soon!

Taken almost 3 years ago to the day! (First Zodiac trip ever) ... It's almost Jaeger season!!!!!

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  1. I followed almost all links of the above.All pictures look so interesting and unique.