Saturday, September 8, 2012

Funktacular butterfly

Does it get any sweeter than White-M Hairstreak? I had one a few days ago on Lake Erie south of the Hammer...

Was in better shape than the beast I had on Pelee Island a few days/weeks ago... This time I also took a video showing off how spectacular the blue is (on the upperside of the wings)... Very much worth the watch in my humble opinion:

Click on it a few times to watch it on youtube, where you can make the screen bigger! Easily one of my all-time favourite butterflies.... 


Sat view of storms from this morning (Sep 8).. 

Some beautiful low pressure passing on through this weekend.. High pressure will settle into place Monday for most of the week, making lovely rarity-finding weather... I may even get out in the zodiac a few times if the forecast holds, which would be awesome, since I've hardly taken a photo from the boat this year!

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