Friday, November 14, 2014

Vortex Binoculars

It has been a little while since I've plugged my favourite optics brand, but here we go! I make little secret of the fact that I'm lucky to be a Vortex field staff member for their birding related gear. This means that I get some awesome gear through visits to HQ or occasionally in the mail... In fact, my new favourite T-shirt came from a recent delivery. But alas! No one cares about my T-shirt...

I recently had an experience that is very interesting, and somewhat embarrassing. While in Torngat Mountains National Park I had the strap slip loose, and they fell straight down - with the outer glass making first contact with a rock (99% of Torngat MNP is rock!) - which not only chipped the glass, but (I'm guessing) led to the inevitable shift in the interior prism soon afterwards. Essentially, they either became monoculars, or junk!

(My binoculars - Vortex Razor 8x42's!)

While that sort of thing happens, it gets really embarrassing when I tell you that I not only arrived with my primary pair - but also two sets of backups - AND my Dad's old pair - looking for repairs and/or replacements were necessary....

I know birders (and photographers) are known for having a wide array of gear - but arriving with four pairs of binoculars (at once) seemed like a bit of a stretch for me - but alas, the guys and gals at Vortex were more than happy to accommodate... I'll spare the details, but all required repairs (or replacements) were dealt with right away - and off I went home! (Including a brand spankin new pair of Razor's to replace the Torngat Pair!)

I'm sure this reads like a shameless plug, and it is! Everything I experienced is exactly what everyone else (should) experience with their own Vortex gear. The Vortex website does a far better job than I in explaining it: 


Repair or replace your Vortex product for any reason at NO CHARGE to you. It doesn’t matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it.

- Unlimited lifetime warranty
- Fully transferable
- No warranty card to fill out
-No receipt needed to hang on to


Check out the link here for the full page about warranty 

This sh!^ sells itself! One thing I can also offer - if you see me out in the field at any point in time - don't be shy - and ask to check out whatever I may have at the time. Typically it's my Vortex Razor (8x42) binoculars and/or Razor 20-60x Spotting Scope (below). 

OK! That's all I'll say..

Well, maybe one more. Check out their (somewhat) new website! The birding part is here, and this can be a shameless plug for me - as many of the introductory photos are mine ;) 

(Our recent and upcoming weather. Get used to it!)


  1. Vortex is amazing! I had an issue with my bins and they bent over backwards to get them repaired quickly. I can't say enough good things about my Razor HD bins and scope!

  2. Recently picked up a pair of the Talon HDs. Incredible.

  3. Good to hear you guys are also having great experiences!