Friday, December 19, 2014

Natural History SPAM!

Some of you may know, I hate facebook.

I just wanted to throw that out there...


With that said, I just joined linkedin! Why? Because I apparently already had a profile... From Linkedin:

Brandon, it's been over a year since your last visit...

Oh drat!

But then I saw this:

3 great reasons to come back to LinkedIn
Graphic for background icon
Get your dream job
There are millions of jobs posted on LinkedIn
View jobs

My dream job!? - I'll take it! (to heck with reasons 2 and 3)

So out of innate boredom, I sat at my desk and filled out a profile. Having a mandatory policy at work of keeping our CV's up to date, it was pretty easy...

Then I apparently spammed everyone in my gmail contact list who is already on linkedin! (How much fun is that?) so now I am a fully fledged member...

If my understanding is correct, the goal is to make as many "connections" as possible? Regardless of how well you actually know someone? Amirite?!

If you want a new Linkedin friend, give me a shout:

And if you've got that dream job sitting around and collecting dust - hire me! ;) 

(There's a theme here)

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