Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back to the "good old days" - TOP TEN

Back in the day, 75% of what I published on this blog was just random things I wrote down in my spare time - that had no bearing on anything... It's time to do that again:

TOP TEN rarities I want to see this year (spring migration)

10. Violet-green Swallow

Why? - Several ways to see one (N winds, strong winds, active migration, reverse migration, cold weather events) and they're really pretty.

9. Black-headed Grosbeak

Why? - 100% I want this one during a "reverse migration".. Edges out Lazuli, Western Tanager and Bullock's Oriole as a mixture of beauty, rarity, ability to identify, and likelihood of occurrence.

8. Least Tern

Why? A rare tern would be off the hizzay, and Least is the most likely to occur...

7. Lark Sparrow

Why? A bird I need on my "self found" list - several ways to find it, and a regular vagrant to boot.

6. Bell's Vireo 

Why? Primarily wanted during a reverse migration, where a challenging ID becomes more challenging... But I'd settle for one on the ground too. Also not terribly outlandish...

5. Garganey

Why? Beauty mega-rare duck that shows up in May... 25% chance of seeing a stunner male flyby somewhere, 75% chance of a cryptic female lurking around in plain sight.

4. Black-necked Stilt

Why? Do want!!!!! What a beaut. Also getting near-regular on Lake Erie...

3. Painted Bunting

Why? A male - is my #1 most wanted reverse migrant... Species biology may not let it happen, but a guy can dream... Wouldn't be heartbroken with a female type...

2. White-winged Dove

Why? I have a dove curse, and this a beauty dove that isn't super outlandish...

1. Black-throated Gray Warbler

Why? Dave Bell promised me one... I made a similar deal year for a White-faced Ibis...

What do you think? Good list? What do you have on your hypothetical list? Eh? EH?!?


  1. Nice list , Brandon ! Five of them would be on my great to see/find list -> #'s 10,9,8,3 and 1! Swainson's Warbler is at the top of my list !!

    1. That'd be a sweet one! Is it because they're sneaky and hiding in the woods?