Thursday, November 24, 2016

Re-naming our birds: Waterfowl

Some of our bird names suck. So I've taken the liberty of creating my own Personal Ornithological Society and will begin the long-overdue task of renaming these birds. To begin: Waterfowl...

Greater White-fronted Goose = Prairie Goose

Ross's Goose = Snowflake Goose

Brant = Sea Goose

Cackling Goose = Viceroy Goose

Mute Swan = Grunt Swan

Gadwall = Plain Duck

American Black Duck = Eastern Black Duck

Mallard = Common Duck

Blue-winged Teal = Pleasant Teal

Green-winged Teal = Tiny Teal

Common Eider = Great Eider

Surf Scoter = Showy Scoter

Long-tailed Duck = Arctic Duck

Common Merganser = Great Merganser

I highly encourage all birders to create their own POS List! Then let me know (or comment) what changes you'll be making to Waterfowl...

More to come...


  1. While in Cambridge Bay Nunuvut I drove a certain person nuts with all my local names for many birds. such as:
    Panic Goose aka Greater White Fronted Goose
    Tundra Mallard aka King Eider
    Donkey Bird aka Stilt Sandpiper
    Oldsquaw/ Kakawee aka Long-tailed Duck
    tundra house finch aka semipalmated Sandpiper

    Down here I like to use Mud Duck for Green-winged Teal
    and sometimes All Scoters as Auk ducks /Alcid Ducks
    Great Egret aka piggies (They sound like a whole barn of pigs at their colonies)