Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Job Opportunity with Vortex Canada

I have it on good authority that Vortex is looking for a full-time Binocular Repair Technician - based out of Guelph, Ontario! Check out the job posting here:


If you, or someone you know would be interested - give them a shout! I have the personal experience to say you'll be working with a really great group of people.

While I'm at it, I'm just going to plug the Vortex VIP Warranty....... Here is the direct text from their website:


Our warranty is about you, not us.

It's about taking care of you after the sale. The VIP stands for Very Important Promise to you (our customers) that we will do the following:

Repair or replace your Vortex product for any reason at NO CHARGE to you. It doesn't matter how it happened, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it.

Unlimited lifetime warranty
Fully transferable
No warranty card to fill out
No receipt needed to hang on to
If you ever have a problem, no matter the cause, we promise to take care of you.

So, in summary - if you're looking for new optics, the Vortex warranty (alone) makes them a leading choice for the vast majority of us! Check them out!!!


If you (or someone you know) is looking for a unique job opportunity, be sure to check out the posting above. If all goes well, we will get to know each other as I bring my heavily used gear into the shop (from time to time) to get them tidied up! 

I'll (hopefully) have an update on the James Bay adventure in the next few days... Be sure to check back! 

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