Wednesday, April 8, 2015

50+ Greater White-fronted Geese - finders account

So there I was, drivin along hwy 6, just north of Hagersville, ON... Just north of town there is a few farms with a lot of pasture, where a few years ago I spotted a Raven in the summer - a neat little spot. I had the old'e cruise control set at 99kph, and while driving past I noticed some waterfowl in the field (geese)...

Hey... I think one of those geese looks a lil funny...

Maybe I'll stop...

*stops car*

*raises binoculars*

Dang, that there's some odd lookin geese in those fields...

*raises binoculars again*

wtf is goin on out der?!

*sets up scope*


Dat der is a whole lotta GWF Gooses der!

Then I poste to Ontbirds:

Just found a group of 50+ Greater White-fronted Geese north of Hagersville, ON (Haldimand County).... East (or southeast) side of the road, directly across from house #4353 on Hwy 6. Many birds are sleeping and some are below a hill, but a rough count hit 52 birds at one point... 

This ebird checklist shows the location of the birds (Under green location - click map for a google map point) - Birds are a bit distant but identifiable with binoculars (scope is better!) 

Good Birding 

Brandon (shameless plug -


There you have it! An account for the ages... (I just wanted to share the photos)

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  1. One thing I forgot to mention... People looking for these birds should check out the nearby (old) quarry ponds and the Townsend Poop Ponds! Esp. early morning or dusk!