Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Oriole ID

Is hard. Sometimes.

I mean, it's a female Orchard Oriole - right? Pelee Island on May 7th... Looked large to those of us who were watching...

Then we have Point Pelee - May 24th:

Could this bird have some Bullock's in it? (Eg,/ Hybrid?) Or can Baltimore look like this? I had a pretty pale/gray female Baltimore on Pelee Island (no pics) but something above the concentration of colour (eg,/ bright undertail coverts) contrasting with the gray belly/underwing seemed more BUOR to me. Also has a bit of that eyeline...


  1. Re: 2nd Oriole
    I would echo your comments re BUOR...send it to Peter?

    1. I think the icterid gents have had enough of me for one year (post Meadowlark incident) :|