Monday, August 15, 2016

"Tropical Storm Louisiana" to impact Ontario

A real mess of a weather system impacted the southern gulf for several days recently - and had nearly all of the markers of a tropical system --- except that it wasn't, because the centre was nearly always over land...

After a few days of soaking everyone and everything - the remnants of the beast are actually forecast to zip northwards and impact Lake Erie!

It's always hard to say what might happen with an interesting weather system - but this one has the markers of a storm where we look back and say "Well that's clearly the weather system that brought the Least Tern / Gull-billed Tern / Anhinga / Reddish Egret to the province"

Hopefully in a week or so there will be a Cape Cabo Verde type system to watch!

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  1. I checked the blog just to see if you wrote about this system. Thanks!