Sunday, March 11, 2018

The old days

Reminiscing about the old days (2009), waiting for warmer weather (hopefully this weekend, but I may have jinxed it with my tweets)...

2009 was my most active birding year... ]I started using ebird half way through the year, and it's almost comical to look back at just HOW MUCH I was birding...

2009-12-15  Presqu'ile Provincial Park (general location)
2009-12-12  Niagara--Adam Beck (ON)
2009-12-12  Niagara--Control Gates
2009-12-10  Niagara River Corridor (ON)
2009-12-08  Wolfe Island
2009-12-06  Niagara River Corridor (ON)
2009-12-01  Markham--Reesor Pond
2009-11-30  Guelph - Bridge Park
2009-11-30  Home
2009-11-28  Niagara River Corridor (ON)
2009-11-21  Niagara River Corridor (ON)
2009-11-19  Belwood - Mew Gull
2009-11-18  Wolfe Island
2009-11-12  stakeout Phainopepla, Brampton-
2009-11-11  stakeout Phainopepla, Brampton-
2009-11-07  Stoney Creek--Fruitland Road at Lake Ontario
2009-11-07  Fifty Point CA (Hamilton side)
2009-11-04  Wolfe Island
2009-11-03  Hamilton - GWFG field
2009-11-03  Oshawa--Second Marsh/McLaughlin Bay 
2009-11-01  Hamilton - Fall Bird Count - My Area
2009-10-31  Fifty Point CA (Hamilton side)
2009-10-31  Fort Erie--Catherine Street parking area
2009-10-31  Niagara--Upper Falls (ON)
2009-10-31  Niagara--Below the Falls (ON)
2009-10-30  Fifty Point CA (Hamilton side)
2009-10-28  Wolfe Island
2009-10-27  Amherst Island
2009-10-25  Niagara-on-the-Lake--Queens Royal Park
2009-10-25  Niagara--Upper Falls (ON)
2009-10-24  Hamilton--Royal Botanical Gardens 
2009-10-17  Home
2009-10-14  Wolfe Island
2009-10-14  Amherstview--Sewage Lagoons
2009-10-12  Prince Edward County--Ostrander Point
2009-10-10  Blenheim Sewage Lagoons
2009-10-10  Tilbury--Sewage Lagoons
2009-10-10  Wheatley--Harbour (Chatham-Kent side)
2009-10-10  Leamington--Best Western Plus at Sturgeon Creek
2009-10-10   Leamington--Seacliffe migration lookout
2009-10-10  Port Stanley--River Mouth & Beaches
2009-10-10  Port Burwell Provincial Park
2009-10-07  Wolfe Island
2009-10-06  Byran - Flooded Cow Field
2009-10-06  Prince Edward County--Point Petre
2009-10-04  Amherst Island
2009-10-02  Prince Edward County--Point Petre
2009-10-01  Wolfe Island
2009-09-28 15:33  Port Burwell Provincial Park
2009-09-28 14:40  Tilbury--Sewage Lagoons
2009-09-28 13:00  Wheatley--Harbour (Chatham-Kent side)
2009-09-28  Point Pelee National Park
2009-09-24  Prince Edward County--Point Petre
2009-09-23  Amherstview--Sewage Lagoons
2009-09-23  Wolfe Island
2009-09-23  Amherst Island-
2009-09-22 9:05  Byran - Flooded Cow Field
2009-09-20  Port Maitland--Mosaic Esterhazy Lagoons
2009-09-18  Mitchell Sewage Lagoons (West Perth Wetlands)
2009-09-18  Wildwood Reservoir
2009-09-17  Prince Edward County--Point Petre
2009-09-16  Amherstview--Sewage Lagoons
2009-09-16  Wolfe Island
2009-09-15  Prince Edward County--Point Petre
2009-09-14   Prince Edward County--Point Petre
2009-09-13  Townsend Sewage Lagoons
2009-09-10  Byran - Big Island
2009-09-08  Hamilton - Haldibrook Sod Farm
2009-09-08  Hamilton--Van Wagners Beach
2009-09-07  Hamilton--Van Wagners Beach
2009-09-06  Hamilton--Van Wagners Beach
2009-09-05  Grimsby - offshore
2009-09-04 7:30  Hamilton - Offshore Lake Ontario
2009-09-03  Hamilton--Van Wagners Beach
2009-09-02  Hamilton--Van Wagners Beach
2009-08-31  Hamilton - Offshore Lake Ontario
2009-08-30  Port Burwell--Monarch Landing
2009-08-28  Hamilton--Van Wagners Beach
2009-08-24  Hamilton - Offshore Lake Ontario
2009-08-20  Port Burwell Provincial Park
2009-08-19  Hamilton - Offshore Lake Ontario
2009-08-18  Guelph - Bridge Park
2009-08-16  Hamilton - Offshore Lake Ontario
2009-08-11  Waterdown Garden Supplies
2009-08-09  Port Maitland--Mosaic Esterhazy Lagoons
2009-08-09  Rock Point Provincial Park
2009-08-08  Townsend Sewage Lagoons
2009-08-02  Blenheim Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-30  Holland Landing Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-30  Beeton--10th Line north
2009-07-29  Saltfleet--8th Road East
2009-07-29  Rock Point Provincial Park
2009-07-28  Blenheim--Landfill
2009-07-28  Blenheim Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-26  Pelee Island--Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve
2009-07-26  Blenheim Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-25  Pelee Island--Lighthouse Point Provincial Nature Reserve
2009-07-25  Pelee Island--Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve
2009-07-24  Kingsville--Marina
2009-07-23  Blenheim Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-23   Hamilton--Canada Centre for Inland Waters 
2009-07-23  Hamilton--Van Wagners Beach
2009-07-20  Wolfe Island
2009-07-18  Rondeau Area--Barn Owl
2009-07-18  Holiday Beach Conservation Area
2009-07-18  Harrow Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-18   Point Pelee National Park
2009-07-18  Blenheim--Landfill
2009-07-18  Blenheim Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-18  Leamington--Harbour and Seacliff Beach
2009-07-17  Waterdown Garden Supplies
2009-07-16  Jarvis--Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-16  Townsend Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-16  Niagara--Below the Falls (ON)
2009-07-13 9:00  Rock Point Provincial Park
2009-07-10 5:45  Oshawa--Second Marsh/McLaughlin Bay 
2009-07-08 20:00  Erieau--townsite and waterfront
2009-07-08 18:30  Erieau--McGeachy Pond CA
2009-07-08 15:30  Blenheim Sewage Lagoons
2009-07-06 18:10  Guelph - Bridge Park
2009-07-03 12:05  Waterdown Garden Supplies
2009-07-02 5:10  Richmond Hill
2009-06-30  Hillman Marsh Conservation Area
2009-06-30  Chatham -Barn Owl

Seems like a lot! The crazy part was, I didn't ebird everytime I went birding (just the highlights) AND I didn't ebird sightings from work-related surveys (I was doing bird surveys ~5 days per week throughout the fall...) Most of these are before/after work surveys or stops while driving to and from work locations....

It was a different time!

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