Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I'm surprised it took this long...

To find a bird that has some traits of Pacific Golden Plover... Today at Hillman Marsh shorebird cell:

Definitely a plover

Definitely golden

Lots of white on the sides

Mostly white undertail coverts? 

Seems to be a bit patchy still - I know PGPL molts earlier, but AGPL should be done by now, no? 

Seemed a bit "wingy" at times... 

It was never close... Great day (morning?) to be out... Had a chance to tie it in with some work, and I couldn't say no after looking at the weather maps... Tried to tweet a pic of the huge Black-bellied Plover flock present at the same time, but I'm not sure if it does it justice...

All photos (above) taken with the iphone/scope combo... Below is a "pano-mode" Iphone + Scope combo (panning with the scope)... Can't believe it worked as well as it did. 


  1. Did you consider European Golden Plover? Might be more likely and has similar features.

  2. Definitely thinking European Golden Plover is a better fit.