Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sample OBRC report - a bird I didn't find

I always think that if you found said "OBRC report bird" that you (or I) should take the time to write a solid report. If I didn't find the bird, I tend to take it a lot easier. My own rule of thumb is - do I have anything to "add" to this sighting?

Some examples may be -

-- Photos

-- Behaviour observations

-- Notes on occurrence (eg,/ weather, patterns of arrival etc)

-- Lack of documentation (eg,/ the finder won't submit)

For some birds at Pelee this spring, the criteria were met! To start, here's a sample of the female Blue Grosbeak that flew around the tip of Pelee back in May:


Blue Grosbeak (female)

Point Pelee National Park

May 8, 2014

I had just arrived at the tip of Point Pelee when several of us
(Ken/Mike Burrell, Ross Wood, and I - that I can remember) - spotted
this female Blue Grosbeak flying south off the tip of Point Pelee. The
bird did this at least 5-6 more times while I was present.

Description - see photo.

Notes: I believe the bird was first seen by my father (Eric Holden)
perched high in a tree - when he got others on the bird to help ID it
(Burrells et al).



It's not much, but I believe I've added to the record quite a bit. I provided some notes on my perspective, as well as the photo of the bird in flight!

Hopefully if you've got "something to add" - (any photos of those nice Smith's Longspurs?) - you'll send it along ( !!!

The OBRC will never turn down something you'd like to send for an OBRC bird!

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