Sunday, June 1, 2014

A lil rare bird pulse (Mon/Tue)

I don't really know how the blogger stat things work, but last month (May) was the highest month to date for visits. Thanks to everyone who reads! I hope you're enjoying it.




 A sub 1000mb low moving over Lake Superior Monday and Tuesday should set the stage for some good birds to get blown into Ontario (rares!)

It's nothing too crazy, but it's not too bad either - and the first week of June is still prime time for rarities. You'll just get bored out of your mind looking for them in the leaves...

I know that these beauties have been seen in Ontario, Upstate New York, Ohio (erie), Michigan (erie) and Wisconsin so far this spring... Are they done? Or should we still expect a few more?>


  1. There was a TRHE in Ontario this spring?

    1. Yeah, one showed up in York Region this spring..

  2. It is nice that the 'fair-weather' birders have left the parks, but it does make it more challenging to find things. Hopefully your predicted pulse of rarities comes true!