Saturday, May 31, 2014

Get low! Get low, get low, get low, get low...

A little photography illustration (just for fun)... Back at Pelee in May I was photographing some Turkeys along the road to the tip...

I sat down on the road, and tried to "get low" - to get a better angle for photography. Here's what it looked like:

While sitting 

I wasn't terrible impressed, so I tried to get the camera lower...  I tried to "lean over" a bit and get about half way closer to the ground. It had rained overnight, so I didn't want to get wet! Here's the result:

The scene looked cooler, but I was also having a very difficult time keeping the camera level (awkward twisting)... I could still see that yellow dotted line as well... 

Eventually I bit the bullet, and laid perfectly flat on the ground (on my belly) and rested the camera directly on the pavement. Sure, it was wet... But here's what the first images looked like:

I think the background (pavement, grass, shrubs, trees) all looked really cool, and it was much easier keeping the camera level. I also had an easier time looking through the viewfinder, so I could "snap" at just the right moments!


I took quite a few images as they walked closer and closer... At some point in time, I'll have to do a "photoshoot" of the good images, but I thought this made for a cool illustration in the short term. 

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