Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Humpback Whale(s) -- Photoshoot

From my time on boats in BC! - I should have some condo birding news eventually...

Distant Humpback doing "cartwheels" 

Typical view of Humpbacks -a "blow" on the left, and a shallow dive/travelling on the right. 

Two Humpbacks up close. When you see tail (on the left) - it typically means the dive will be deep - so you wont' see it for a little while

Another close Humpback - the spray in the air is the leftover "blow" (breathing)

The next two images are of "flick feeding" - a behaviour I only saw once. They can really throw a lot of water with their tails! (Flukes?)

Pretty phenomenal creatures! Someday I'll have to create a proper index for mammal images on my website. For now, it doesn't exist!


  1. How does flick feeding work?

    1. I've got no idea - I was lucky to work with an extremely knowledgeable marine biologist who told me what they were doing - and that's the only reason I can even pass along this info!

  2. Nice....at least you can answer what they are doing in your pictures