Friday, May 2, 2014

Pelee Birds! - May 1st! - + May Migration Forecast!!! Alert for NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!

Peleeeee! Does it ever stop?!  - I actually took a half day today... Things are fun out here, and there are still birds - but I needed a mental break to get some chores done ;) !!!

The highlights -

Marbled Godwit (Hillman)
Clay-coloured Sparrow
Hooded Warbler

and... wait for it... wait for it...


Imagine that?! - My 7th of the year so far... Totally different place once again...

After photo'ing the past ACFL's at a distance and in horrible light, this beauty was super close and in SUNLIGHT - DAMN - what a nice bird.. Maybe my best looks ever at the species. 

My FOY birds - 

Swainson's Thrush
Red-headed Woodpecker


I ended up with 7-8 species of Warblers, but I also only checked for a few hours. I stopped at Hillman as well early in the morning. There was a noticeable change in migrants again today, even though the migration seemed light overall. I found that there was an increase in Yellow Warblers, Yellowthroats, Least Flycatchers etc 

Things may be similar over the next few days - light nocturnal migrations - although I think the cooler winds hold up the larger birds (eg,/ Black-bellied Plovers) - which were grounded in a few spots around Pelee today... 

Other "birds of the day" 



NEXT WEEK! It's hitting the FAN - NEXT WEEEEK! 

Forecast for Thursday 

Forecast for Wednesday 

I'm seeing WARM southerly flow moving into the Pelee area mid next week... Also the potential for severe weather and a strong jet... 

That means RARES - and MIGRANTS - GALORE!!!!!

Watch this space for updates... And start testing the waters about getting a few days off next week! I'm guessing Thursday will be the day, but these things change sometimes (a day before/after is a common shift)... Overall though I think it's going down ! !!!

Very exciting times. Very exciting indeed... 

These BH Vireo's are always eating something strange... 

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  1. Great info and great shots of the Fly catchers!

    Yesterday, Norfolk County- Gray Catbirds, YR Warblers, Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers. Out again today!