Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pelee again!!! - April 30th

Another day, more birds! My highlights -


What the heck is happening? I've now seen 6 different Acadian Flycatchers at Pelee this spring (APRIL!)

First bird photographed above (3 images) - if it's NOT an Acadian, I'd be darn interested in hearing what it is exactly... 

(Two above photos) - Acadian #3 on the day. Taken in horrible light with my point and shoot, so the colours are gone - but you can see the eyering and long primaries. 

Other highlights -

1 Hooded Warbler
2 Clay-coloured Sparrows
4 Willets
1 more Groundhog! (onion fields)

(My/other) FOY -

Lincoln's Sparrows
Wood Thrushes
Blackburnian Warbler
Orchard Oriole
Least Flycatchers

(at least, those are the ones I remember)

FOY! Ended the day with 11 Warbler species. 

Overall it was a fun day. Once again I didn't see the "rarities" really (Longspurs, Wester/Eared Grebes, etc) although not looking for them was a serious reason why... I've got the itch for some woodland rarities!! Too bad they're so hard to find. I'll just have to keep looking! There was an obvious impulse of migrants, with species like Nashville Warblers becoming common among the Yellow-rumps. Lots of fun! Sunny in the morning, but turned cloudy and cool in the afternoon.

The Willets were nice - Wheatley Harbour this afternoon -

Classic Westerns. No Eastern record for the province!

I've got my hopes up for some more migrants tomorrow. Things may slow down for the weekend (sorry all) - but mid next week may be the next blast of southerly winds (eg,/ insane migration + insane vagrant weather) - we should get new birds almost daily given the fact that it's MAY!!!

Had great looks at all Swallows/Swifts today in the cool weather! 

More birds! 


  1. Is that an Eastern Kingbird in photo with E.Bluebird? What model of point and shoot camera do you use.Cheers.

    1. It sure is. I'm just using a Canon Powershot (SX40 - my Dad's) for the ones in this post. Today I was out and about with my personal SX50... It's the camera I carry for record/blog photos when I don't want to have the "good" lens out!