Thursday, May 22, 2014

Condo Birding Update - April 20th - May 20th


April 20th - I didn't watch much, but did note there were Bonaparte's all over! I ended up with SEVEN adult Little Gulls!!! (I probably watched for ~90mins max all day)... How many were out there? The gentle east winds and high pressure seemed to have pushed the Oshawa birds into Hamilton...

April 21st - SIX King Eiders once again graced my shores... Too bad they were flushed by a fishing boat. A bit later in the morning, Ken Burrell stopped by (we had birding plans at Beamer, which stunk) - but we did get an early Chimney Swift before leaving!

23rd - home late in the day... Still Bonaparte's around... I wonder how many Little's have been out there?


Wow - that May thing really gets in the way - doesn't it?!


May 19th -

Edgelake Park -

(11 Warbler species)

Confederation Park (east end - patch part) -

(some notables not seen at Edgelake already)

The bird of the evening was an ORIOLE SP - that I had just outside my condo building. It was in some flowering trees, surrounded by townhouses...

It was pretty big, and singing a song I didn't recognize.. When I first got a glipse of it, I thought it was going to be a young Bullock's....

It then flew into the open, and I could tell it "looked" like a young male Orchard Oriole - but wasn't quite right. I made some notes (strange song - more like a mimid, duller body colour than normal Orchard, poorly defined wingbars (esp the lower), strong fork in the tail)...

And then left it, because I didn't have a camera, and I thought Hooded Oriole would be "orange" by this time of year (incl young males)...

Turns out I was wrong! I also listened to the tapes, and the song was a pretty good match to Hooded... I've walked around twice since (and played tapes) and couldn't re-find the thing... One of those that may be lost forever methinks...


May 20th -

I looked for the Oriole in the morning and failed. There were Tennessee Warblers singing from front yards, parking lots and the nearby woods.

Best birds flying past the condo were:

Tons of ducks around. The Herons were also nice. Hopefully more to come! Watch this space!

The view - May 20th (early) 

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