Sunday, May 25, 2014

More work-related birding - May 22, 23

May 22nd -

Tundra Swan! (1 adult) in a field near Cayuga

Grand River - nothing! (even a hotspot that I like- nada!)

Lake Erie Shoreline - more of the same... Lots of ducks, gulls, terns etc - but where are the "others"?

Grand River Mouth - lots of gulls, incl 2 Great Black-backs - but not much else..

Fields - 1 Upland Sandpiper was nice

Mosaic Ponds - 1 Semipalmated Plover - 40+ Caspian Terns... The habitat is there! But not much at all worth reporting. Yikes...

10th rd quarry pond in Stoney Creek - nada


May 23rd -

Lake Erie Shoreline - 50-60 flyby Whimbrel! Very  nice

Port Ryerse - 50-60 Flyby Whimbrel! Nice again! (different birds I think)

Port Dover - nada (Caspian's)

Townsend Sewage Lagoons -

2 White-rumped Sandpipers
25ish Least Sandpipers
20ish Semipalmated Sandpipers
20ish Semipalmated Plover
75ish Dunlin

Spotted Sand, Killdeer etc...

I only checked one lagoon... A truck driver had managed to get his 18'wheeler stuck in a pretty rough spot (down the bank of the first lagoon) so I didn't linger!


Side note - awesome feeder birds in IL:

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