Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why am I still talking about ice?!

There's still ice on Lake Superior!!!

There's tons of ice on James/Hudson Bays!

There's still solid snowcover in extreme northern Ontario!!!

Sea ice cover (overall for the arctic) is par for the course compared to the past few years...

A closer look at the remaining ice... Not too much left. 

According to this, there is still 3x more ice left on the Great Lakes compared to any year in the past 30+ 

Now that the cold weather is over (for us) - and the heat is on - don't you miss just how awesome this past winter was? I know I do!

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  1. Good question, why are you still talking about ice? Canadian Ice Service must be paid by the number of page hits and is milking this year for all it's worth. How else to explain the scale of the vertical axis on that Great Lakes ice cover plot? Go throw an ice cube out your window, Lake Ontario will have infinitely more ice on it than any other year at this time.