Monday, May 5, 2014

Pelee May 4th - WANTED:

Have you seen these birds? They are wanted at Point Pelee - May 2014!

Things were pretty slow again...

Everyone was highly entertained by 2 Henslow's Sparrows (that I didn't see) - as well as some great birds at the tip in the morning including Cerulean (I missed) and Hooded Warblers (that I saw!). My FOY bird was Chestnut-sided Warbler (2!) - and I ended a very casual day of birding with 13 warbler species. 

It should be of no shock that I had another Acadian Flycatcher! My 8th of the spring. It was a lovely day for me, but not one filled with intense blog-style birding. I'll have a blog post online tomorrow about the upcoming weather detailing when the insane bird-blogging will resume...

An acadian flycatcher from a few days ago - doing its best dinosaur impression


For a little extra filler, 3 photos from the true "eash beach" of Point Pelee. A few days ago I walked form the extreme NE corner of the park, all the way to the tip (10+km of sand walking)... Access is tough out there, but the habitat sure looks cool. A few snaps - 

I even saw a few beaver lodges out there! 

Weather alert goes out tomorrow... You may want to skip work on Wednesday/Thursday (if you can) !


  1. Can I also say that Ontbirds seems to be going to heck this May? Too many posts!

    Places like Rondeau and Pelee have daily reports to cut back on constant postings. People expect warblers in the woods, ducks in the ponds, and shorebirds in the puddles. It's May!

    Ont-rarebirds and Ontbirds-chat! Two lists, one for constant jabbering, one for rares!

  2. I want a wilson,s phalarope as well .I have never seen one before and I will come to Point peele Friday.finger crossed.