Friday, May 30, 2014

Repeat OBRC request + sample (Neotropic Cormorant)

I did this a few days ago, and for blog filler - I'm going to do it again! A request to send in those OBRC reports for all the rarities you saw this spring!!!

As another sample, I'll show off the report I sent to the OBRC of the Neotropic Cormorant from the tip of Pelee this spring. Having good photos allows me to keep things short (eg,/ description) - although note how I still mentioned details (eg,/ size vs DC Corm) that are not visible in the photos.


OBRC Report – Neotropic Cormorant – Point Pelee National Park (Tip) – May 13, 2014

Optics: Vortex Razor 8x42 Binoculars. Canon 1DM4 DSLR + 600mm F4 lens.

Circumstances: I was birding the very tip of Point Pelee with Ken Burrell. We were largely watching the reverse migration when I noticed a small cormorant approaching the tip (from the SW). It was flying directly with 2 DC Corms, making the small size much more apparent. I yelled out that it was approaching, and took several photos as it flew very close (within 100ft I would guess). The photos revealed a young Neotropic Cormorant. The birds continued NE and were lost.

Description: See photo. Bird appears to be less than a year old. I am unsure as to the molt of NECO but I assume the bird is either juvenal or 1st basic.

Similar Species: Slim build, long tail, pointed facial skin and the thin white border eliminate everything.

Weather: gentle SE winds (I believe). Sun. Warm.

Notes: Ohio’s 1st record (earlier this spring) was of a similarly aged bird. They had their 2nd soon after (adult) and another NECO was just reported from Rondeau (written May 16th, 2014).

Brandon Holden


Again  I removed my contact info (that I always include). Thanks for taking the time to send in your reports! The OBRC relies 100% on volunteer effort, and without people submitting their records - there's no point!

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