Friday, May 16, 2014

"Townsend's Bunting" in Prince Edward County?!?!?

Denis Lepage gets all the credit for this blog post. I saw his comment on ontbirds regarding the strange bird at Prince Edward Point, and dang it looks good:

Here's the first post to ontbirds:

And the link to the photos on whatbird:

The Whatbird link to the story of this bird:

This is INSANE - this is one of John James Audubon's "long lost species" that was never seen again (even though he didn't actually see it alive?)... I have no idea, I'm just going on what I've just read with the links above...

But you could sort-of say that this is the second GLOBAL record EVER of this crazy bird... And now I'm deciding if I should go twitch the thing if it's refound...



  1. Photos also on ebird -

  2. Those photos give me goosebumps!

  3. I think you have to chase this bird, if given the chance. I mean this could be one Audubon's mystery birds we're talking about here!

    1. I know!!! Why is there no ontbirds post updating the status of the bird?!

  4. This post needed a bump - I can't believe no one has posted yes/no for the bird on Ontbirds

  5. Im headin to PEC on tuesday...maybe it will stick around!