Monday, June 23, 2014

The "North American Gulls" facebook group

So - a blog post about the North American Gulls facebook group! Where could this be headed? -


I have no idea what it's like...

Know why?

- Because it's on facebook! And I'm not signed up for facebook... Therefore, I'm not allowed to participate... The only hope I have of seeing marvelous gull photos on there, is if I sucumb to the facebook mandate and make an account.

I'm then left with two options:

1. - Make a proper account, and let the world know that I've folded to Facebooks wishes

2. - Make a "fake" account, and just be "Joe Steve" who seems to sporadically appear on the North American Gulls facebook page, frequently posting Brandon Holden's photos...

And I'm not happy with either of those options.


Which makes me wonder. How is facebook one of the most popular websites there is? The internet seemed to be a leap forward in our world. Making things more ACCESSIBLE than ever before. 

How many people are out buying new encyclopedias these days? 

Yet we have Facebook - a way of digitizing the "old fashion" human experience where you could visibly inform the world that you and steve were "friends" - or visibly show people that you are more popular than they are (eg,/ more total friends). Never mind the ability to digitally "ignore" people or attempt to hurt someones feelings by "unfriending" them. Yikes!

Never mind the "poke" button.

SO - there's my blog post for the day. What do you say, North American Gull group folk? Any hope of pulling that baby off of facebook? Or am I one of the sore few left behind as the world moves forward? 


  1. Interesting post, Brandon. There was a time when I thought Facebook was pointless, and even had trouble understanding the concept of using a button to "like" something. With that said, I eventually gave in to FB's convenience and popularity and started the group you mention, North American Gulls.

    The ability to post photos and instantly reply and have a discussion in one thread, in my opinion, far outdoes any primitive listserv. Think "ID Frontiers" in a modern image, on steroids, with all the pretty pictures. People who are interested in gulls across North America (and even folks from Europe, South America and Asia) have a new medium to share this interest with like-minded people. I've learned things from our 1600+ members that I probably never would have without the group.

    I don't pay much attention to the "friending" and "unfriending" aspect you mention. If you ask me, that aspect of FB does elicit shallow emotions and seems somewhat "fake" to me. So, should you join FB? Just like anything else, it comes down to managing your priorities. But if you don't join, I wouldn't think of it as being left behind as the world moves forward...

    1. Thanks for the reply Amar, I didn't know you were the one who started the group. I can only imagine that there is a wealth of information on there, and I would say that it is very beneficial to the hobby of birding/gulling in general. It still makes me feel a little "left behind" though - not having access to that information - because I'm not on facebook.

      Not a big deal though - I thought it would make for some interesting/fun blog material. Keep at it! Love the blog.

  2. Brandon, don't do it!!! You can't leave me as the only mid 20s-early 30s NA birder who refuses to belong to Facebook...

    1. You won't be the last... Actually glad to hear that someone else is holding out!