Saturday, July 26, 2014

Spring 2014 ticks!

Spring 2013 Ticks:

Fall 2013 Ticks

A recurring feature - ticks! (and not deer ticks, as shown above). As per the previous posts, I keep three lists of birds. Twice a year, I update those lists.

1. Ontario Life List

2. Ontario "Self Found" List

3. Ontario "Photographed" List


Then, once updated, I use the changes for a boring blog post! So what happened in 2014? - 

Greater White-fronted Goose - new for my "photo'd" list 

Mississippi Kite - new for my "photo'd" list (I already had a self-found bird, so that's why these things happen). 

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - new for my Ontario list, and new for my "photo'd" list 

This is a "hard one" - I sure didn't twitch it, but I also didn't "spot" it - so I can't count it as self-found either..

Blue Grosbeak - new for my "photo'd" list - 

In flight, no less!

Lazuli Bunting - a TRIPLE TICK ! Oh sweet, juicy goodness... The triple tick is where it's at... A self-found bird new for my Ontario list, that I also photographed! Ohhh yeahhh...

All Laz'd up! Too bad it wasn't a male... 

Brewer's Blackbird - new for my "photo'd" list... 

Western Meadowlark - also new for my "photo'd" list... 

The list updates:

Ontario - 377 !!!

Self found - 345

Photo'd - no idea'r 

(a new tick photo!) 

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