Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bloggers who blog - Natural History Style

Maybe my tech skills have deteriorated over the past few years... I feel that finding and following a good blog was just a "click of a button"... Whereas now, my blog reading-list is suffering! So I put out the post here - do you know of any good blogs I should be following?

There are some that I "know" to follow, but haven't' actually updated my list... Like Allen Woodliffe's blog here:

I also have a decent "reading list" now - which you can view on the right side bar of this page. Some of the pages with regular updates include:

Birding with Buckley:


Ontario Birds and Herps:

The Bruce Mactavish Birding Newfoundland Blog:

and the 'Burg Birder:

BUT - the purpose of posting this is to get some NEW blogs added... Which ones do you like? Who should I add? Don't shy away from shamelessly posting your own blog in the comments below. This is for everyones benefit!

Moar blogs!


Medium Range Weather Outlook - warmer?


Lake Ice building rapidly! I've noticed a lot of birds moving about because of this. (White-winged Gulls have increased at my condo, thankfully!)

Pretty normal for this time of year... 


Bad news bears (or whales) - stuff like this is just awful:


  1. Now I'm finding that my blogger reading (personal) list isn't the same as my blog reading list (public)... Must make changes! This was the one that made me notice:

    What else you got!?

  2. Here's my blog list, quickly culled to just Ontario nature blogs (hopefully): (Montreal)

    Quality may vary, and some of these may be defunct.
    I use to catch up on blogs, so that everything is in one place and I don't have to visit a multitude of infrqeuntly updated blogs all the time.

  3. A new blog that has great quality posts - and from the East coast too:

    thanks for the plug Brando! Now I have to start blogging again :p

  4. ;)

    oh and a friend of mine started up a blog recently mostly on are plants, but also other stuff, its a good read!

  5. Thanks for the lists gentlemen! I've gone through and added many of the links to the sidebar... If anyone else has more additions - let me know! (I love this blog stuff, unlike that facebook stuff...)

  6. I follow Josh Vandermeulen and :
    Nick Minor on Twitter: @nmbirder14