Monday, January 19, 2015

Pro's and Con's of Facebook... Like a Kelp Gull in Pittsburg

Well, I have been avoiding this - but I guess I'll say it... I finally broke down and joined the world of facebook... I still don't like it, and I will still voice my displeasure... But dang, there is just too much information on there that is being blocked to non-facebook users...

Case in point:

KELP GULL in freakin Pittsburg!!!

I saw it first go online the "North American Gull Group" facebook page/thing in less than an hour before... Gives me hope that we'll get to enjoy one in Ontario someday!!! It's not really that far from Lake Erie...

Overall I've yet to really use facebook, other than checking out the gull group and the Ontario Birds group - which has been pretty dull so far... I guess (as with my past social media posts) that if you're lookin for a new facebook buddy - fire away!

Not much else to say... I guess it's a dull time of year! Have you noticed it's a a dull time of year? My condo checklist from this morning was so dull, I couldn't be bothered to post it on the olde twitter thing...

I guess at some point, I'll probably try and take advantage of the twitter-thing a bit more, but for now I've been happy to post my bird sightings a little more up-to-date... Whadda ya think? Is it workin?


Is there another deep freeze coming?

Long range weather keeps hinting at some more cold-shots for the Great Lakes region... Nothing really long-lasting though...

Also, have you noticed there has been very little snow this winter? What's up with that!


Have been working on a total re-do of my website (I guess not a complete overhaul, but the layout will be very different)... Using a new program and it's pretty exciting. Hopefully I'll find some time in the not-too-distant future and start getting things online!


Note: This blog post contains all of the (winter) age classes of the Glaucous Gull!


  1. Ah, you caved in!
    But yes, there may be some useful info to be gained.

  2. I gave up Facebook about three years ago. Haven't missed it since. Looking forward to the new website :)