Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Odd Ruby-throated Hummer (late juv?)

We watched a rather lackluster showdown between two Hummingbirds on Sept 25 --- where a seemingly normal Ruby-throated Hummingbird took a few swipes at another hummer with dingy/dusky sides and an obviously shorter bill... Olde short-bill seemed rather disinterested in the whole affair, not really fleeing or doing much of anything... 

It them proceeded to feed for quite some time, (after RTHU #1 left the scene, seemingly perplexed at its inability to defend the feeder) and then landed in a nearby Mulberry tree... Soon thereafter we heard a series of high pitched calls, that were (at least to me) unfamiliar as Ruby-throated... 

So with the combination of odd shape + odd calls, it was time to break out the camera gear. I was able to record a few of the calls (which it did constantly, the video is just short) with my point and shoot - which you can watch (or listen to) below:

High pitched calls... 

I then broke out the "stills" gear - and fired off a series. As best I can tell, this is a Ruby-throated... But I'd be happy to be wrong... I can't find much on the calls, but suspect it may be some sort of juvenile/begging type noise? Or perhaps it's just a bit under the weather and has a head cold?? 

Leave a comment if you please! 

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