Sunday, September 14, 2014

New stuff headaches

If my last post was any indication, I've got a bunch of new photography-related gear - and the transition hasn't been all that smooth... Some updates:

May - New primary lens (600 F4 upgrade)

May - point & shoot camera dies at Pelee in the rain

June - new point and shoot purchase

July - cell phone gets lost in virgin prairie in SK - gone...

July - new binoculars (vortex razor re-do)

July - new binoculars break (Torngat Mountains rock smash)

July - new Point and shoot camera goes for a swim (Torngat Mountains coldwater stream) - dies

July - "old" DSLR (my primary body) goes for a swim as well at Torngat - dies (3 days after the one above)

August - new laptop purchase - a macbook pro - my first time owning a mac laptop...

August - new camera purchase (new primary DSLR) - which is in an upgraded line from my old body

August - new purchase/lease of Photoshop CC and Lightroom (Lightroom is my first time using the program)

September - new (3rd) Point and shoot camera purchase any day now...


So yeah - I haven't had the best luck with gear recently.... And now I'm going through a bit of a struggle getting it all sorted out... It's not a particularly difficult struggle, but I would much rather have no struggle at all as my unedited photos pile up...

The last thing I want is to re-edit some lightning photos for the third or fourth time, trying to figure it out - but here I go...

First bird photo's taken with my new DSLR - a young male Peregrine from (where else) my balcony, a few weeks ago... 

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