Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Point Pelee: 20-22 September 2014 !!!

Three casual days of looking for birds/bugs at Point Pelee, from Saturday to Monday. Generally didn't leave the tip area of Pelee! The weather (hot/cold/storm/wind) was superb, giving us a taste of everything. The real highlight was the overall trip, but for the sake of a blog post - here are some highlights over the 3 days:


30-40 Peregrine Falcons
14 American Golden Plover's
5 Sanderling
1 Parasitic Jaeger
1 Sabine's Gull
1 Pine Siskin

Lots of birds in general - including some great hawk flights. Many birds were low and charismatic.


Silver-spotted Skipper - 1
Fiery Skipper - 1
Spicebush Swallowtail - sev
Little Yellow - 1
Gray Hairstreak - 1
American Snout - 1 (very fresh)
Eastern Comma - sev
Painted Lady - sev
Hackberry Emperor - sev
Monarch - 500-800ish on Monday

I also thought it was noteworthy that we missed Question Mark, Mourning Cloak, American Lady and (perhaps) Common Buckeye - although some of the latter were reported at more northerly locations.


Only one real highlight - saddlebags! On Sunday, we completed the slam:

Black Saddlebags (common)
Carolina Saddlebags ~10-12
Red Saddlebags ~3

Decent numbers of C Green Darners, Wandering Gliders and Spot-winged Gliders (rarer) were around. Not much else to hoot about. 

Striped Saddlebags was new for Canada (I think?) in 2010 when Bob Curry found one at the tip of Pelee on 29 September 2010. Bill Lammond found one a few weeks ago at Pelee, and a few more are around - making this the second "arrival" of the species ever for Canada (2010 individuals, and now). 

Very cool stuff! - a photo of the Striped:

There was another major highlight, but I'll detail that at some point in the future!

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