Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The sun excites again

I'm using this blog post to once again plug a different website - !!! I have virtually no knowledge about this stuff, but it's so freakin exciting! See the recent updates below:

Added 09/02/2014 @ 15:25 UTC
Liftoff in Progress
A large filament located in the northern hemisphere is currently in the process of gradually lifting off. More details to follow.
Updated 09/02/2014 @ 11:40 UTC
Solar Update / Farside Flare Party
Good morning. Here is the SolarHam update for Tuesday morning. Earth facing solar activity during the past 24 hours was low. Region 2152 showed intermediate spot growth and now possesses a weak delta structure within the center of the group. This region should continue to be monitored as it is now in an Earth facing geoeffective position. All other visible regions, including departing sunspot 2149, are currently stable.
In sharp contrast to the Earth side of the sun, the farside seen at least three moderate to major solar flares on Monday. The strongest event took place Monday morning around a new sunspot still a few days away behind the northeast limb. A bright, fast moving and energetic coronal mass ejection (CME) was produced and directed away from Earth. Old region 2144, now about 24 hours away from returning into view off the southeast limb, produced a moderate to strong solar flare at approximately 16:15 UTC and was also responsible for a non Earth directed CME. A third event, what could possibly have been an X-Class solar flare, was observed at 22:15 UTC from a new region located just to the northeast of 2144. Yet another CME was produced and directed away from Earth. Proton levels streaming past Earth are currently at elevated levels and is likely associated with the activity from just behind the east limb.
There will remain a chance for minor C-Class solar flares and perhaps an increasing chance for an isolated moderate M-Class event. Solar flare risks could again increase once farsided regions begin to rotate onto the visible disk this week.
Added 09/02/2014 @ 02:25 UTC
Major Farsided Solar Flare
A major solar flare, possibly X-Class, was observed this morning behind the east limb. Attached imagery below by STEREO Behind captures the bright flash of the eruption beginning at 11:05 UTC. This event was associated with a Type II Radio Emission with an estimated velocity of 2079 km/s. A bright coronal mass ejection (CME) is now visible in the latest STEREO Behind COR2 coronagraph imagery. The event also looks to be very energetic as particles are now bombarding the spacecraft and creating noise in the latest imagery. We will get a better look at the source region later this week when it begins to rotate into view. Click HEREfor a video.
UPDATE: Additional solar flares are being observed behind the east limb, this time around old sunspot 2144. A number of coronal mass ejections are visible in the latest coronagraph imagery. We should begin to see the returning region within the next 24-48 hours. Stay tuned.

What do these graphs even mean!? It looks like the earth is under fire! -

Check it out! -

Also - Black-throated Gray Warbler ID'd in flight in New Jersey - freakin awesome stuff:

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