Thursday, November 6, 2014

Condo Birding Update - 2nd to 6th November, 2014

After an epic day on Nov 1st, I was set for a repeat on Nov 2nd.. Didn't really go down!

Nov 2nd:

10 RT Loon
1 C Loon
2 RN Grebe
1 Short-eared Owl - BOOM! New for the condo. Kinda overdue in my humble opinion, but there it was - out over the lake - practicing for the SEOW Olympics

Nov 3rd:

1 Lesser Black-backed Gull (adult, late) ... Decent numbers of Pine Siskins going past as well..

Nov 4th: dayumn! A fine morning indeed!

12 Red-throated Loon
16 Common Loon
1 Pacificy Loon! You've seen the bad photos:
1 Juvenile Bald Eagle (out over the lake, for a long time?)
1 Thayer's Gull! (2nd basic) (photo below)
3 Snow Buntingss
1 Yellow-rumped Warbler (odd)

Nov 6th: missed the morning... But...

ungodly duck numbers...
2 BARN SWALLOWS? (what the heck??? I haven't seen any swallow for several weeks here)
1 Northern Mockingbird !?

Have a feeling tomorrow morning could be good, and I'll have some time to watch early... Thought i'd get these out of the way! More birds to come! Moar!


  1. Not a bad description of a MacGillivray's Warbler -

  2. That warbler does sound tantalizing....