Monday, November 17, 2014

Peregrine terrorizing Blue Jays + lookahead

Taken at Pelee several weeks ago (October?)... Over a few different days, I saw Peregrine's catch multiple Blue Jays (and a few starlings) at the very tip... This last image above shows the feathers flying, but no grab!


All winds blow to Fort Erie on Tuesday morning... 40 knots! Who will be there to find the goodies? - Hopefully this primes the river for some great gulling.


Monster sunspot 2192 returned a few days ago - much smaller than it was last time around. It was renumbered 2209, and is still Beta-Delta-Gamma, so maybe we'll get some more fireworks... Will keep an eye on it...



ENSO regions are warming - but NOAA actually decreased their odds of an El Nino event - saying they're not overly convinced it has staying power (needs to be 3 months straight)... Will keep an eye on it


Into the future, the models keep hinting at more snow events, big blasts of arctic air - and the potential for some big storms... Generally too far to really have any confidence, but one thing is for sure - they aren't really seeing any major changes from what we've been experiencing for a few weeks now!
Will keep an eye on it... 

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  1. Now I'm worried - if anyone actually goes to the river tomorrow - be very careful for huge amounts of Lake effect snow... There may be no visibility! And/or just plain dangerous!