Friday, November 21, 2014

Rarity Alert !!! - mega storm early next week...

WPC outlook for Monday - showing a sub 980mb monstrosity. 

WPC outlook for Sunday - showing warm air invading the province - and the two lows that will phase (and bomb) over the great lakes Monday.... This is a setup that can bring rares from multiple directions (west coast and gulf coast!)

WPC for late Saturday/Early Sunday - That odd front over Quebec is a setup I've seen bring rares in the spring - what will happen here? 

Euro 850mb winds (above) and GFS precip below... A few "model runs" giving a hint at what may transpire.. 

This is a BIG ONE - but I always find that ~50% of these storms are not "packin rarities" at all... So IF it does end up bringing the goodies - it should be VERY good...

It's the last week of November - this is rarity time! And (I think) a storm this large has the potential to pull something in from long distances... 


Hence - the first RARITY ALERT i've posted here in quite some time! 

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