Monday, December 8, 2014

More Birdy News

This is OLD - but what the heck is that?

This seems to be happening - was in the forecast several days ago. A MASSIVE low just sitting in the pacific NW off AK/BC...

The darn thing is holding sub 975mb pressure for days - and NOT moving! Not sure what it means, but it looks awesome...


Ebirds! - Condo Style - 

Dec 5th - morning! - Not half bad:


Nice photo of the ETSP - but I can't help but wonder who some of these "bad birders" are:


Len Manning just posted an amazing story/photos of a Snowy/Peregrine interaction. If we've learned anything these past two winters, it's that Peregrine's hate Snowy Owls..


Amazing photos of a Red-shouldered X Red-tailed hybrid hawk!


Neat little Nor'easter off the coast this week (mid week) - stalled just like the PacNW giant... Maybe it'll blow us some Kittiwakes or something (or a Great Cormorant, or a Fulmar, or a Thick-billed Murre)... I doubt it, but you never know...

Wednesday Wind north 30 knots.
Thursday Wind northwest 25 knots.
Friday Wind northwest 20 knots.


News on the Cali drought from my Dad (hi Dad!)


CRAY-ZAY stalled low's!  Look at that beast off Vancouver.. To bad our storm is so small..

951mb monster off Greenland - not super unusual for that location, but still an epic monster

943mb max - moving into the UK at ~950ish - maybe they'll get Ivory Gulls?


Something I'm still working on - the North Atlantic Oscillation - there is no doubt that when this thing goes UP (positive) - we seem to get rare birds in Ontario. The big bump in late Sept brought us a Gray Flycatcher. The bump in early Dec brought us a Brambling...

It's going up again this week - does that mean our little storm will bring something good?

I don't know - but it's worth looking into...

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