Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Weather + Recent Birdy News

Well, a 989mb low over the Great Lakes is a beautiful thing, but this storm really hasn't panned out the way I was hoping...

Still a great way to see some good/rare birds, but it's also late December... Maybe we're just stuck until next spring!? Will keep my fingers crossed for something good to show up, but it'll be a while until I get out looking

Forecast for tomorrow night - strong 989 in our hood, but the storm is just starting to form, and surface winds are pretty boring...

12 hours later - bombing out at 976 but also rapidly pulling north. Models were hinting (several days ago) at this thing "hanging around" a bit more, but now show it pulling NE quickly. 

Still a neat storm! And maybe i'll get some "gull time" in soon..


Recent condo birding - getting better!

Dec 17th:

Dec 19th: 

Dec 21st: Cackling Goose!

Dec 22nd: King Eider!

Dec 23rd:


Last night (22nd) my lovely ladyfriend and I watched a Snowy Owl hunting along a busy roadside (Rymal Rd) in Hamilton/Stoney Creek!
It was sitting atop a light pole at Farmer Al's Market, and was quite tame! A few other people in the parking lot had a look as well... Awesome birds!


The ABA is buggin me! I know it's not a big deal, but I recently signed up as a member after a several year lapse (to a few groups)...

Bird Studies Canada sent me a thank you and a tax receipt... 

The first thing the ABA sent me was a request for donations... (I JUST gave you my money! And you ask for more, before sending any sort of publication etc?!)

Also, I use their site to check ontbirds and other listservs - and I'm growing tired of their "ads" that appear before the emails/posts... If they weren't there, I could see the new messages right away!

(this is a screen capture of what I see when I check ontbirds. Go away!)

I know it's picky, but I guess I just like to complain... Although I could argue that I have a bit more right than most, as one of my Hoary Redpoll images graces the (very) bottom on each of those pages!

(Shameless self-promotion!)


Happy Holidays to everyone! 

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