Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter weather update + flares!

Keep your eyes peeled for possible aurora borealis tonight!

A strong M-class flare a few days ago will be the source. It sounds like the big X-class flare that occurred a day or two later will largely miss our planet.

Check out!


The weather forecast has been changing recently! I thought, by now, they would have had this big storm nailed down. But with each model run, the genesis of the system seemed to be more and more delayed, meaning we will see less and less of the storm-impacts... Boo!

Forecast maps... Storm system is really far north! Boo...

GFS - recent model runs

Bombing out well to our N/NE... Boo..

GFS- high res:

Bombing out over James Bay! Boo....


Bombing out near James Bay - boo!


Off the map in a freakin hurry...

With things changing steadily, there is still reason to watch this storm though. Indicates they don't really have a great handle on what will happen... If anything major shakes down, you'll hear about it here! 

If not, it may be time to just settle down and seat some turkey over the whole thing!

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