Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Recent Birdy News

Is anyone else dying to see photos of this Empid Sp at Pelee? Any hints? Was it green/yellow? Was it gray? Was it cosmic?!


My recent bird news:

Snowy Owl (at night!) - a few days ago at the Tollgate Ponds:!topic/hamiltonbirds/UNhUI7-kBdw

Back in the day, I would have put something like this on ontbirds! ;) ---


Nov 30th -

Dec 1st (pre work) -

Dec 2nd (pre work) -
(epic east wind, largely missed... Seemed slow though)

Dec 2nd (post work) -

Dec 3rd (pre work) -

As you can see, it has been pretty slow... Maybe that will change! I hope to get a short morning watch in - pretty regularly - over the next little while...


Minima CACG and ROGO chillin in MD? -

Hybrid Loon?



Yesterday California had a good blast of rain - which will hopefully help their crazy drought...

As for birdy weather - not much... The chance for a big east coast snowstorm in the next 6-10 days, but it may not effect us here in Ontario much at all...

I'm seeing a lot of N and E winds in the forecast over the next week, but that will probably change..

Wait and see!



Some of the great lakes have had special ice warnings already this year. Here's hoping for another record year!

(No big deal)

On the other hand, NOAA is showing MASSIVE ice cover on Hudson Bay already... Maybe it's weak, but that is HUGE! Maybe we will notice some changes in our bird life if it caps over early this year? Or maybe not? 


The sun has been spotty recently, but no big news.

I think that's all I've got for now!


  1. Typhoon undergoing crazy rapid intensification:

  2. You reported a Snowy Owl to Ontbirds?!?!?! How lame. PS...