Thursday, October 27, 2016

A little more rarity weather a'brewin'?

Nothing SPEC-tacular, but at least two more low pressure systems packin SW winds and a general lack of precipitous on route.

Saturday morning:

850mb winds, pushing from Texas to ON

Tuesday morning:

A lack of rain in the southern Great Lakes... 

Yet some ballin' SW winds (and a high-vorticity-ish dryline of sorts?) 

Neither event should be particularly long-lived, which may not be 100% ideal - but the formula is there... 

Question is - what will show up? Is it getting a bit late? It's not quite Cave Swallow weather, but maybe it's close enough??? Maybe we'll get more Cattle Egrets??? Will Cattle Egrets continue to move north, so long as the temps are >15C??? What if we get another western-goose-invasion??? Will it be Ross's Geese this time??? Snow Geese??? Where does one go to "find" rare passerines in this weather??? 

Stay tuned... 


  1. Definitely making me have to go to the County this week. I was just going for dead Loons but hey a tyrant flycatcher or cave swallow work quite fine as well.

  2. Given the the birds seen in recent days in neighbouring jurisdictions (Painted Redstart in Manitoba, Tropical Kingbird in Michigan's UP, Gray Kingbird in western NY), it would seem that Ontario is due.

  3. That Gray Kingbird just needs a little push for it to come across the lake into Prince edward county. Nov 4 to 15 is when Ontario's only Painted Redstart appeared in Durham Region in 1971 before it was rehabbed and lived for 2 years in someones home.

    1. There is currently a Painted Redstart in eastern Manitoba. Keep your fingers crossed.

    2. Another Painted Redstart was discovered and photographed on Nov. 1, this time in Wisconsin. Had to be a different bird than the one in Manitoba since both birds were seen in the two different locations on the same day.

      A Painted Bunting was seen in Michigan's UP at Whitefish Point yesterday. The US east coast has a couple of recent great birds - White Wagtail in New Hampshire yesterday (WOW!) and a Virginia's Warbler on Nov. 1 in New York, not far from the Connecticut border.