Saturday, October 15, 2016

Titmouse Movement

Had a Titmouse in the yard today...

Not expected...

Did a quick search of eBird, and found several other "new" records - somewhat north of their normal range - in the last week or so....


There have also been several recent records at places where they aren't normally around -


Long Point (Old Cut):

Holiday Beach:


So - keep your eyes peeled for titmice!! Perhaps this is a good time to look for Carolina Chickadees too? (Who knows?)

Rare bird weather is full-steam-ahead (see previous post) --- sooner or later a dynamite bird is going to be found. Will it be you?


  1. They were certainly on the move last week. I had a couple others in spots I do not usually see them!

  2. One was reported up here the other day, just east of Cornwall, they're rare locally.

  3. Had one here in my yard in Paris, Ontario.
    Never had one here before.