Sunday, October 2, 2016

Along came a Sucker

A quick check of Van Wagner's Beach during our recent run of east winds yielded - what I thought was - my new favourite fish species (family!) a Redhorse!!

Check it out!

Hindsight is 20/20 - and I think I should also have photographed the pelvic fin??? But this is all we get!

Then, based on my barely-intensive internet searching - I'm started to wonder why this isn't just a White Sucker or some other sucker species... 

Which leads me to one question... Are there any good Fish ID resources for Ontario?? Any good books I should pick up in my new-found-quest for fish? I'm somewhat surprised at how difficult it was to find a basic "What fish are found in Lake Ontario" checklist online... Perhaps they're all swamped out by sport fishermen looking for trout... 


  1. I also want to point out - that my "blogs I read" list vanished... What the heck!

  2. Brandon, there was a recently published book written by a University of Windsor Biologist. It is a little more focused on Lake St Clair and Lake Erie, but it might still be a good reference. See this link: -DM

  3. Brandon,

    The best reference book that I've come across is the The Freshwater Fishes of Canada by Scott & Crossman. It's quite comprehensive. I have a copy of the 1979 second edition but evidently the 1998 reprint contains additional supplemental information.

  4. Fishes of Toronto[1].pdf
    was published a few years ago and covers the fish in the Lake and the major rivers in Toronto.

    You might want to try the ROM guide to the fish
    from your library and see what you think.

  5. Thanks everyone! I have some shopping to do... Hopefully I find some more fish to photograph as well.. :)