Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Condo birding update!

Dec 1st – I’ve discovered that the Long-tailed Ducks don’t come in to feed (here) when there are east or NE winds.. Where do they go??? Great Black-backed Gulls continue to surprise in numbers (maybe the most common gull sp?? Or close to it) Also had 2 Red-throated Loons.

NEW condo birds: Common Merganser (a few flocks) and “Kumlien’s” Iceland Gull – one juv along the shore!!! I even got a pic from my window

(if that ain’t the best photo ever, I don’t even know what is)

Dec 2 – wasn’t home much at all, but there’s a nice flock of Scoters present near shore (arrived yesterday afternoon)... A bunch of Surf’s and at least 30 Black scoters (incl a nice male)

Dec 3 – got up, poked my head out the window – and within 30 seconds I had an adult male Peregrine Falcon fly past. Sweet!

Lake was as calm as glass when I got up – which makes it easier to see the huge strings of Long-tailed Ducks waay offshore..

Dec 4th --- I guess my fellow condo-birder George Holland had 2 apparent CAVE SWALLOWS fly past this morning... I actually had them in mind, when I saw some reports the previous day from Ohio (and it was 15+ degrees this morning)... But alas, I didn't get any..

(once I saw his report, I kept a close watch until the rain moved in)... What I did get was 2 new condo-birds in the form of Snow Buntings (big flock) and Common Redpoll (1 close past my window)

Not much else of note... (things like 3 scoter species are always present!) although I did have another DC Corm, which should probably vacate the open lake before too long...


I guess I'll have to wait until future years to get CASW on the list?!?! In 2005 I had them fly over the property, but I'll have to wait for the real thing when I actually live here...

I'll be a bit busy for a few days, so not much condo-birding action...


Oh, and the condo/patch list is now 40 species!


  1. You should set up a security camera outside facing the lake that you can access live feed from your work computer or smartphone. ;-)

    1. haha.. I just pictured making the feed live on the internet, and having other birders finding more bird species from my porch than I do....

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