Monday, December 3, 2012

VWB lakewatch from Nov 30, 12


--- My Dad and I rocked VWB for a morning watch... So what did we get? Here’s the skinny:

Cackling Goose – came ashore up high with a flock of Canada’s

Red-throated (3-4) and Common (12-15) Loons

Great Black-backed Gulls – a surprising number of individuals on the move..


Mallards – several flocks, presumably birds getting “frozen out” from further north

American Black Duck – several flocks, (some “pure” flocks) – see above

Hooded Merganser – several flocks (see: Black Duck, American and Mallard)

Common Merganser – several flocks (same)

Not exactly a barn burner, but it was nice to be out. Shimmer reduced visibility a fair bit...

Here’s a pic of the Cackler.. Also added it to the Cackler page:

Figured I’d add it, even though it’s terrible – still potentially informative.. .

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  1. Ok, I'll ask... other than appearing marginally smaller in that picture, what makes the one a Cackler?