Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snowy Owl Buckets

I meant to post this last winter,  but never got around to it...... Works now though with winter back... 

What is the fascination with farmers and placing white buckets out in farm fields, to look just like Snowy Owls!? 

Heck, they end up looking more like owls than the ACTUAL owls you eventually find (like the owl-lump above) I swear I've seen 10x more buckets than owls.... 


If you're looking for something else odd, check out this grackle from the summer at my parents house:

I'm not entirely sure what it was doing... Just sitting there without moving for a few minutes, mouth open, tilted to the side, tail spread... I eventually walked outside to check on it, and it perked up and just flew away normally...

Maybe it was overheating?? Maybe it could/should have just moved into the shade??


  1. I think I have that white bucket on my life list!

  2. Your grackle may be anting, (a term for allowing ants to crawl through their feathers to remove parasites). I've seen birds doing this before in my yard. They look somewhat euphoric.