Monday, October 27, 2014

Death at Van Wagner's Beach - 25 Oct

Did a long romantic walk with my ladyfriend along Van Wagner's Beach - looking for dead things...

The haul:

3 Long-tailed Duck
3 White-winged Scoter
4 Double-crested Cormorants
3 Ring-billed Gulls
1 American Woodcock
1 Brown Creeper
1 Sparrow Sp. (tail only)

Some feathers included a Dark-eyed Junco and a juvenile PEREGRINE FALCON (primary)...

We also checked the Burdock along the trail and pulled out 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets and 1 small bird sp (mainly a skeleton, but still stuck). Sad to see them go this way...

Birds weren't the only thing dying. 1 Raccoon (beach) and 1 Red Bat (Burdock) also joined the fun. Was pretty surprised with the bat.


Living bird highlights were a Greater Yellowlegs and 2 adult Peregrine Falcons (near Gray's Rd).


Low to Moderate Cave Swallow watch in effect for Tuesday morning in Hamilton -

I think CASW need multiple weather systems over multiple weeks to bring them to our area... The weather for Tuesday is a "classic" day to see them in Hamilton (early morning, south shore of Lake Ontario) - but there is a BIG question mark - are there any close enough to take advantage of the weather??? 

- After multiple years of watching, I've also learned that these things seem to fly sighting inland. Two years ago at Fifty Pt. C.A. - we had larger numbers inland, where we had a great vantage point looking east. I'll probably be looking from my place, trying to see if I can get one for my condo list!


Can you believe there was an Arcitc Loon was in Ohio a few days ago? -


Goliath sunspot 2192 is slowly leaving us. It has spit out FIVE X-class solar flares during this rotation, but no CME's! Still really cool though

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