Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Probable/Presumed Neotropic Cormorant - Fort Erie - 7 Oct 2014

After posting about my 6th Cattle Egret find in the past 5 years, I give you my 4th NECO in the past 4 years... Pretty much the same situation as this bird , but I didn't have camera handy and ready. 


Subject: Probable/Presumed Neotropic Cormorant - Fort Erie - 7 Oct 2014
Date: Tue Oct 7 2014 18:08 pm
From: holden.ontbirds AT Birders,

Just after noon today at Mather's Park in Fort Erie - 2 Cormorants flying
very close to shore (50ft) with one being notably smaller than the other. A
quick look in the scope showed a bird with a dark bill and dull throat, but
no obvious white feathers (that I could see, with precious little time). As
they flew away, the smaller individual showed a considerably lighter body
(looking 50% thinner) as I watched them leave. Not the best look, but for
all intents and purposes it was a Neotropic Cormorant. At the very least,
this is a heads up that it is "out there". Both birds were flying very
slowly along the shoreline, but I could not relocate them.

Other birds at the river mouth included 1 Pomarine Jaeger, 1 Phalarope Sp.
2 Sabine's Gulls, 5 Little Gulls and 2 Peregrine Falcons.

Other sites:

Catherine St. Parking Area - 1 Sabine's Gull, 1 Little Gull, 1 Leucistic DC

Control Gates - 4 Little Gulls

Below the falls - thousands of gulls, nothing of note

The marine forecast for tomorrow calls for strong westerly winds, which may
help provide a repeat performance for some of these species. A scope is
valuable. I also hear that Len Manning may be present, so bring something
to get an autograph - just in case!

Brandon Holden



Tonight and WednesdayStrong wind warning in effect.Wind variable 15 knots becoming southwest 15 this evening then increasing to west 25 late overnight. Wind increasing to west 30 near noon Wednesday.

One can dream 

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