Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monster Low!!!

Current winds - as of Monday at 5-ish pm

This mega low has stalled in NW Ontario, and it has been pumping SW winds into southern Ontario for days... I scored an exciting bird (CAEG) yesterday at Tilbury thanks to it. I'm also losing my marbles as I have an itch to do some serious birding - but haven't really put in the time.

Hopefully I'll get out a bit this week!

The son of monster low? - 984mb over quebec. Forecast map for Thursday.

I get the impression that weather forecasters have no idea what to really put on paper. Every source I look at is different (marine, EC, weather network, model runs) - and every one changes every 12-ish hours. The only constant is awesomess - strong winds in S to NW direction - for the rest of the week

I'm not sure when "rarity birding" will be at its best. Maybe today? Maybe tomorrow? I would expect a heavy dose of good bird observations to roll in on nice weather this weekend as well. 


The boys up on James Bay have been getting STEADY south winds for DAYS - can't wait to see what they're getting up there... Should be a great "case study" for the vagrancy potential of Netitishi - for songbirds! Will they get flooded with Field Sparrows? Or will they land something truly mega?


I'm torn between my desire for a rare passerine, and just some enjoyable birding... I may settle somewhere inbetween on gulls. Hopefully I'll find the perfect mix of work, birding, enjoyment and family/home time!

One can dream 

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