Tuesday, March 18, 2014


You should do one! You didn't think  I was going to, did you? Yikes... No thanks...

Recently, NOAA issued an "El Nino Watch"... Jeff Master's details it here:


This was after a recent (awesome) post on the same blog, by guest blogger Michael Ventrice - who suggested a "big" el nino event count be on its way:


SO what does it mean? 

Well I think the increased storm track in the southern USA (and amplified storms) help bring vagrants to places like Alaska, California, Texas and Florida - all places you'd want to see vagrants when doing an ABA big year...

Also - it may suck for us, but Hurricane's in the Atlantic usually do poorly in El Nino years (due to all the heat being in the near pacific) - so we may count that one out for 2014... But hey - it only takes one...

So yeah, good luck!

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