Wednesday, March 12, 2014

HamBirds - Western Red-tailed Hawk south of Caledonia

Birders, yesterday afternoon (March 10th) I had an adult (dark-rufous morph) "Western" Red-tailed Hawk - (Buteo jamaicensis calurus) at the intersection of 4th Line and Hwy 6, just south of Caledonia. This stunning bird was fairly cooperative, landing ~30ft from the vehicle at one point. This location (the SE corner of the intersection) is often a mini-hotspot for waterfowl in the spring - so worth a look if you're in the area.

This morning at my Condo (301 Frances Ave. Stoney Creek) I had my first serious flight of Robins, Blackbirds, Crows (numbering in the hundreds), as well as a dose of winter birds with a young male King Eider (the first in weeks) and a Glaucous Gull. Yesterday I had a migrant Turkey Vulture over Eastgate Square!

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  1. Are there any pictures of the dark Red-tailed? My wife and I found one here in Ohio recently, I'm just curious to see if it might be the same bird. Pictures here: